Whitener Racing Shocks sells custom built dampers and coilover assemblies for road racing, autocross, and time trials. All of our shock absorbers are motorsports grade monotubes, many designs feature industry first quick change spring mounts which allow on the fly spring changes. All of our shocks are non-adjustable and as such are specialized and finely tuned to a particular
setup. This requires a much higher level of time and development but delivers a superior product at an affordable cost.

At the current time Whitener Racing Shocks only offers shock absorbers for 88-00 Hondas/Acuras and 90-04 Mazda Miatas. We are currently in development for C5/C6 Corvettes and hope to have a product offering available in 2017. Due to our unusually long development time we are not interested in other chassis at the current time.

For more information contact WRShocks at gmail